Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Great Michigan North

There are some who would not consider Marquette, MI in the upper peninsula to be a 'day trip'... These people are wrong.

However, the journey was not without its disappointments. 
The locations I was going to explore in the U.P. ended up being demolished or under renovation.
One of them had people working on it when I arrived so... 'no go' on that one. 
Fortunately it wasn't all a bust, on my way to another location in Escanaba, which turned out to be demolished, I came across a large stretch of abandoned factories running along the coast.

On the last couple hours of my ~14 hour round trip, just outside Baldwin, I was forced to stay the night in a hotel due to the freezing rain that made travel impossible. 

The following morning, I visited an old cement factory.
Due to the icy conditions, I opted to not explore the rest of the grounds, and will return on a slipperyless day.

Marlborough Cement Factory

On the way back, I paid a visit to my friend Nick, who is the brew master [and co-owner] at Newaygo Brewing Company. He took the afternoon to show my a nearby site of the old Newaygo mill.

In order to get to the mill, we had to take a downhill service road covered in ice,
though we had our doubts, my car got us both up and down that hill with no problems, 
like the champ it is. Traction (and lunch) is for wimps
My car, Appa, is cooler than your car. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital

This gem is a multi-building campus with a main 10+ story hospital as its crown jewel. My only reservation in visiting this beautiful and deteriorating site is how much the property is watched by police and it carries a heavy fine. In the past, using the service tunnels [pictured below] would be an easy way to go around unnoticed, but now most of them are caved in or flooded. So, if you must walk around above ground, fog helps.

Bowling Alley found in one of the main Recreation buildings [note the graffiti]

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Away while the world burned...

After voting as early as I could, I knew I didn't want to sit around in angst as the results came in, so I drove for hours and spent sometime in the Huron [NE] area of Michigan. During my hiking trips, I've been taking my camera with me less and less, however, just as I hoped, I did find a few choice locations along the lake shore. Here is what I found:

Singing Bridge Shoreline

Au Gres Ballpark

Tawas City Docks

Tawas Point State Park/Lighthouse

and, my favourite find of the day.

Alabaster Gypsum Shore Mining

When the world is in chaos, it is oddly comforting to be among ruins. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Urban Exploration: Romanced by Ruin

A structure can take years and the effort of many to erect.
When it is built, it is done so with the hopes of what it can help accomplish.
A school to house learning.
A hospital to care for the sick.
A theatre to bring joy, laughter, and thought.
However, through time, these buildings are abandoned.

That's where I walk.
Among relics of these hopes.
I do so out of respect and reverence of these monuments and the stories they tell.

I have been doing this since I was a teenager,
finding old building and remnants surrounding the woods and railroad tracks by my house.
Though my photography skills are still in the works,
I wanted to start to document these explorations,
and maybe even improve my skills along the way
[though for now, I will definitely be overusing my wide angle filter].

Make no mistake about it; This is a dangerous, stupid, and illegal activity.
But, you need one reckless thing in your life, and Meth is costly.

Lake Chippewa Amusement Park

Abandoned Military Base - Ohio

Abandoned Night Club - East Saint Louis

East Saint Louis Journal

Point of entry

Riverside Casting Plant - Benton Harbor, MI

City Methodist Chapel - Gary, IN